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If your company needs marketing support but does not have resources to get the job done, we can help. Marketing Projects, Consulting, and Results.

Jackie's Blog on Relevant marketing:


KM  is flexible to deliver in a number of ways. Our education and executive experience can help your company on a project or a long-term assignment.

Outsourced Marketing Function: As contractors and consutlants, we recommend the direction, the plan, and do the work to make it happen.

Project Assistance: You provide the direction and we make it happen (freeing up your time).

Consulting Assignment: We provide a new perspective, direction, and you make it happen.

KUEHLMARKETING believes powerful marketing is relevant marketing. Marketing that is relevant to your customers, relevant to your sales team, and relevant to your business objectives. We start by ensuring your plans and tactics have your customer's perspective at the core and align with your organization's goals.

  • We create marketing strategies and build marketing departments for small companies that don't want to be small anymore.
  • We provide direction and execute so you can capitalize on new opportunities. 
  • We are passionate about being ahead of the curve with marketing best practices. 

KUEHLMARKETING  sees too many companies chasing tactics and new media that may not be relevant to achieving organization objectives or overcoming barriers that impact sales. Yes we know social media. We know how to blog. We know the value of Twitter. We love Facebook. We know how to connect; however, we first make sure it is the right tactic for your business. KUEHLMARKETING  will make your marketing powerful with a strategic laser-focus on your goals and customers. 
If you've discovered that you cannot execute your marketing programs due to a lack of resources or skills, KUEHLMARKETING  can help. Our clients have found value in our ability to not only create the most relevant marketing infrasturctures, process, and plans; but, to execute and bring those plans to life without the extra burden on your employees.

The KUEHLMARKETING approach  provides relevance with smart new perspectives, a customer focus, marketing best practices, and deliver results.  

Our clients think of us as an extension of their company working in their best interest. We will only recommend and implement programs that are relevant to your business.

Contact KUEHLMARKETING to increase (or maintain) the power and relevance of your organization's marketing.

Contact KUEHLMARKETING today for a complimentary marketing relevance check. An outside perspective can sharpen your plans and grow your business. jackie@kuehlmarketing.com


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